Contract Negotiation

ARN Sports & Entertainment will work to secure the best possible terms for your NFL contract. NFL contracts can be cumbersome and complicated, filled with legal stipulations, bonuses and incentive clauses. ARN takes all these items into consideration to ensure that your NFL contract offers you the best possible terms based on your specific needs and goals. We will keep you fully informed during negotiations so you remain knowledgeable about the issues that may impact your contract.

Before Contract Negotiations:

  • Conduct detailed research on other NFL salaries, at the same position
  • Analyze each NFL team roster for the past 5 years
  • Analyze the prior year’s draft and player selections, at your position
  • Review NFL Total Revenue Analysis for the current year
  • Discuss the options with you and explain what you can expect
  • Listen to you and work to meet your goals

During Contract Negotiations:

  • Use all negotiating techniques and skills learned from 18 years of high level business expertise
  • Keep you informed of all events as they occur

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